Walking along the Marne, 04/16/22

After a mornings coffee, I decided to do a walk that has long been on my list. By taking the RER A to Champigny, way east, you can walk along the side of the river Marne, and there are numerous places where you can bail out at an RER station. It took about half an hour from Chatelet, and my Navigo Decouverte pass covered the fare. Lovely walk along the river and stopped for lunch at a classic riverside place. Eventually ended up at the outer edge of the gardens near Vincennes. See photos, and here’s a weblink with directions for any of you who might want to do this: http://anhourfromparis.com/an-autumn-walk-along-the-marne-with-two-surprising-detours

Met up with my neighbor from NH, JR who lives on ile St. Louis for dinner. He had booked us at a very nice restaurant in the 5th, Narro. Delicious lamb dish.

Click on the photos for larger images!

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